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Our experienced patent attorneys are efficient and cost effective at protecting your innovative ideas.

Our Unique Approach to Patent Prosecution

Cotman IP’s Patent Practice Group is focused on obtaining quality patents that serve as important barriers to entry and have a real and practical commercial value. To achieve this our team of exceptionally qualified patent attorneys bring their extensive engineering and legal acumen to bear throughout the patent prosecution process. Our unique approach to obtaining patents is the result of decades of experience building quality patent portfolios. Clients love us because:

Our Patent Application Drafting Process is Highly Collaborative 

Our attorneys have advanced engineering degrees and we spend the time required to truly understand the invention and possible future iterations of it before we begin the drafting process. We make it a point to bring our expertise and knowledge to the table to add value.

  • We are Budget Conscious – With a comprehensive understanding of the invention we commit and stay within a set drafting budget;

  • We Focus on Quality Claims – During the drafting process our relentless pursuit of quality shows through our meticulous approach to drafting quality claims. We make sure that each claim has a distinct and targeted purpose (i.e. invention and audience) that relates to the overall architecture of the patent portfolio;

  • During the Application Process we Proactively Advocate for you by Conducting Regular Examiner Interviews – Once the application is pending with the Patent Office, we conduct interviews with the Examiner for every case that is pending. Experience has taught us that aggressively using the interview process is how to efficiently get patents issued with the broadest claims.

  • We Conduct Regular Portfolio Reviews – We avoid portfolio bloat and budget overruns, by conducting regular status reviews with our clients and cull or extend the portfolio as needed. We insist that each patent that is pending or issued has a distinct and intentional business purposes.