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Our trial attorneys know IP litigation and win cases. Our results focused approach has led to our successfully resolving hundreds of disputes at trial or through motion practice. Here’s representative sample of a few of recent successes our attorneys have handled:

TSX vs CAWA, et al.

  • Represented multiple Defendants in a Copyright infringement case involving alleged “sculptural works.”
  • Status = Won judgment @ trial against Plaintiff and invalidated the asserted Copyrights.

Velocity Wheels vs. Valley Custom Tire, et al.

  • Represented multiple Defendants in a patent infringement case involving four design patents for wheels.
  • Status = Case dismissed. Won by invalidating all 4 patents in suit on motion for summary judgment.

CF Inflight vs. Cablecam International

  • Represented Defendant Cablecam in patent infringement case seeking to prevent Cablecam from using its innovative above-the-field camera system at the NFL’s Super Bowl.
  • Status = Case dismissed. Won by showing the patent at issue was invalid and thus the Plaintiff had no likelihood of success.

Carpad vs. Auto Care Products, et al.

  • Represented Defendant Auto Care Products and CEO Ric Perlman in a patent infringement, unfair competition, and trade dress lawsuit relating to a car care product known as the Park Smart™.
  • Status = Case dismissed. Won on Motion to Dismiss.

Stillman vs. Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. et al.

  • Represented multiple Defendants in a patent infringement lawsuit relating to an Acacia fiber supplement.
  • Status = Case dismissed. Won a voluntary dismissal from Plaintiff after a compelling prior art investigation.

Hernandez vs. Los altos Boots, et al.

  • Represented multiple Defendants in a trademark infringement case involving the ORIGINAL MICHEL brand name. Obtained a dismissal of all the asserted claims, permanent injunction prohibiting Plaintiff from using the asserted mark, and an order canceling the asserted Federal Registration.
  • Status = Won judgement against Plaintiff. In this case we turned the tables on Plaintiff and won a judgment against them. Canceled the asserted trademark on motion for summary judgment. Prevailed on counterclaims for infringement.

Modern Mexican Restaurants vs. Maya Lounge

  • Represented Plaintiff in trademark infringement case over the MAYA trademark.
  • Status = Won Judgment against Defendants. Obtained a judgment against Defendants and an order of requiring Defendant to reimburse Plaintiff’s attorneys fees.

iPower vs. Quest communications

  • Represented Plaintiff iPower in a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board action against 800lb Gorilla Quest Communications. Sought to cancel and successfully did cancel Quest’s POWERWEB trademark.
  • Status = Won cancellation of Defendant’s trademark.

Toyriffic vs. EDO Trading, et al.

  • Represented Defendants in an action for trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition, fraud and breach of contract. Won dismissal of all but one claim on motion to dismiss. Won dismissal of the breach claim on Motion for Summary Judgment thereby disposing of the litigation.  
  • Status = Won by disposing of the case on Motion for Summary Judgment.