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How we can help you

Running running a business is complicated. Doing it right takes a whole lot of skill, knowledge and guts and no matter how successful you are there will be times where legal issues come up. Disputes happen, agreements need to be negotiated, new companies need to be formed, and changes for the better must be made. With our entrepreneurial mindset our lawyers know how to help you navigate the complex legal issues that arise in the day-to-day of running a business.

Our Business Law Practice Group offers you the business owner support in:

Business Transactions and Agreements

  • Corporate formation and Bylaws
  • Founder agreements such as partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and operating agreements.
  • Incentive agreements such as stock option agreements, shareholder appreciation agreements, etc..
  • Licensing and royalty agreements

Employee and Labor Law

  • Employee handbooks, employment agreements, severance agreements, termination counseling
  • EDD investigations and appeals