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Your trademarks are the DNA that makes up your company’s identity. For businesses that derive significant value from their trademarks, managing the trademarks within their portfolio requires focused and proactive attention. We provide trademark portfolio management services that allow you to stay focused on your business, while resting assured that we have put checkpoints in place, protecting your trademarks to the fullest extent possible.

With Cotman IP’s NameLock™ our experienced trademark attorneys protect your trademark and business:

  • We comprehensively review your trademarks, to identify any potential problem areas, where protection is not optimized.
  • We implement a trademark clearance process for all new names that minimizes infringement risks.
  • We submit applications for Federal Trademark Registration as needed.
  • We prosecute trademark applications through to Registration.
  • We use our NameSentry™ monitoring service, to ensure that third parties do not make improper use of your trademarks.
  • We carry out policing activities as required.
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