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Having your trademark federally registered does not automatically prevent others from infringing on your rights or using your trademark without your permission. It also does not prevent others from seeking to register confusingly similar names to which you may object. If for example, you are the registered owner of the MIXAR trademark for entertainment services, that does not by itself mean that someone who wishes to register a similar but reasonably different trademark, such as MIXZAR, will be prevented from doing so during the examination process. The burden is placed on you as the trademark registrant to object to the other registration. The trademark register must be checked continuously, by someone who knows when and what objections should be made.

Subscribers to our NameSentry™ service can rest assured that our trademark attorneys are diligently watching for misuses of your trademark; they will immediately alert you if such a situation arises. Don’t let someone else register or use your trademark. We have different levels of monitoring so you can select the one that matches the value of your trademark:

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