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A well-executed IP audit is implemented over time and needs to be constantly adjusted based on the ever-changing business landscape. At Cotman IP we work collaboratively with you to create forward-looking IP analysis and strategies that serve to capture and protect the value of your company. Our experienced approach ensures that the focus of your portfolio remains locked on the IP assets that are most important to your company.

Intellectual Property Management / Patent Management Program

Step 1. We start with an IP Diagnostic™ — our intellectual property attorneys determine the current state of your IP and identify any potential weaknesses.

Step 2. Using the results of the IP Diagnostic™ as a guide, we collaborate with you to develop an IP roadmap that dovetails with your specific business goals.

Step 3. With your IP roadmap defined, we create a timeline for implementing your IP protection and set budgets to ensure that the cost is clearly defined.

Step 4. The implementation process begins by our assisting you in setting up internal best practices for making sure that your IP is optimally protected at all times. As progress is made, regular reviews of our IP Diagnostic™ report give you a snapshot of what IP is protected and identify what remains to be done.

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