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How can I get my copyright registration quickly?

Special handling is available to copyright applicant’s who require their application to be processed in an expeditious manner.  When selected, the registration can be received in as early as five (5) business days. The service is expensive (currently $760.00 per claim) and there must be a legitimate need for the expedited service.  There are only three circumstances under which the U.S. Copyright will grant special handling of an application:

1) Pending or prospective litigation

2) Customs matters

3) Contract or publishing deadlines that necessitate the expedited issuance of a certificate

In some jurisdictions a Copyright Registration is required before you can initiate suit in Federal Court. California only requires that the Copyright application be pending to initiate suit but this is not the case in all jurisdictions.

For further information on special handling go to the website for the U.S. Copyright Office or contact your Copyright Lawyer.  We are located just outside of Downtown Los Angeles in the City of Pasadena.

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