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Custom IP Services

Our customized approach to strategically protecting your IP assets maximizes the present value and future potential of your company. MORE

Patent Services

Our focus is on preparing quality patent applications that are as strong as possible. Protect your company’s innovative ideas from use by others. MORE

Trademark Services

Protect your company’s goodwill by securing your trademark rights and monitoring the marketplace to prevent unauthorized use of your trademarks. MORE

Copyright Services

Protect your works of authorship by ensuring best practices are followed in your company, and prevent unauthorized use of your materials. MORE

IP Dispute Resolution

Our seasoned IP litigators have the courtroom experience needed to resolve your high-stakes intellectual property disputes. MORE

Intellectual Property Attorneys – Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Unfair Competition, and IP Litigation.

Who We Are

Cotman IP is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to protecting our client’s investment in research and development, content creation, and branding. We are highly qualified attorneys with extensive engineering backgrounds that are knowledgeable about securing patents for an invention, registering your trademarks or copyrights, and enforcing or defending our client’s intellectual property rights in Federal court. We represent the interests of start-up companies, small businesses, established technology companies, and major universities. We know what it takes to build a valuable intellectual property portfolio as we have taken many of our clients from the start-up phase all the way through a successful liquidity event. Our focus is on proactively building value for our clients by protecting their intellectual property position whether that be through patent or trademark applications or through litigation.

Our knowledgeable attorneys and paralegals, combined with the implementation of our IP Diagnostic™ approach to implement best practices in our client’s organization, give our clients a higher intellectual property valuation then they would otherwise have.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business or large enterprise, we know you want to save money where you can and we understand the role budgets play in selecting your legal counsel. That is why we offer a free initial consultation and during that consultation bring our expertise to bear so that together we can protect your intellectual property interests.

Our Unique Value

A Proactive Approach to Patent Portfolio Development.

For clients who wish to maximize the value of their intellectual property and develop a true intellectual property portfolio, our IP Diagnostic™ leaves no stone unturned during our initial client intake. Using the output from this audit we are better able to architect a plan and corresponding budget that is focused on and aligned with our client’s stated goals. Our goal in architecting such plans is to create a patent portfolio for our clients that will provide a solid return on investment resulting from an increased intellectual property valuation. As your company evolves we modify and fine tune our value building approach to fit the current dynamic of your business. Cotman IP provides our clients with proactive patent portfolio development and invention harvesting strategies so that our clients are able to secure and then recognize the value of their patent portfolio.

  • Patent searching and state of the art analysis
  • Patent applications
  • Patent portfolio strategies
  • infringement and/or invalidity opinions
  • Freedom to operate opinions
  • Patent Infringement Litigation

    We know the value of patents and when we see opportunities to monetize our client’s patent assets, we have no problem putting our money where our mouth is and bringing our highly qualified team of trial attorneys to bear with creative fee arrangements. Our patent monetization and licensing strategies are carefully thought out and thoroughly researched before any legal action is taken. Before we accept a case we put it through a rigorous legal analysis. For any case we do accept, whether it be patent infringement litigation on a contingency basis or otherwise, we go to the mat and will litigate it through to trial if that is what it takes to get a successful outcome. Our experienced trial attorneys are highly qualified when it comes to litigating:

  • Patent infringement cases in Federal Court
  • Patent troll and NPE infringement defense
  • Patent enforcement and monetization strategies
  • ITC Section 337 patent cases, exclusion orders
  • Trademark infringement cases in Federal and State court
  • Copyright infringement, unfair competition and trade secret matters
  • Entertainment contract and rights disputes
  • IP Attorneys – Patent Attorneys – Trademark Attorneys – Copyright Attorneys, Patent litigation attorney, trademark litigation attorney, copyright litigation attorney: Serving clients in the United States, worldwide and locally in greater Los Angeles including Pasadena, Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Vista, Silicon Beach, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Hollywood, Eagle Rock, Universal City, Glendale, North Hollywood, South Pasadena, San Fernando, Sherman Oaks, Silver Lake, Studio City, & West Los Angeles, Vernon, Alhambra, Monterey Park, Culver City, Arcadia, Van Nuys, Northridge, Monrovia.

    Our IP Blog

    The case that put an end to bad claim drafting – Nautilus v. Biosig

    A unanimous Supreme Court dealt a potentially severe blow to plaintiffs in patent infringement cases in its Nautilus decision.  The impact on the future of “indefiniteness” in general across all patent infringement cases will surely affect all industries and have a far reaching effect than the more famous Alice decision, which primarily impacts software patents. […]

    Posted on October 24, 2014

    A Steep Reduction in New Patent Case Filings In September 2014

    U.S. Supreme Court Opinions Lead to Steep Reduction in New Patent Case Filings In September 2014 According to figures released by Lex Machina, there were 329 new patent infringement case filings in September 2014, which is a 40% decrease from the 549 new patent infringement case filings in September 2013. There are a variety of […]

    Posted on October 22, 2014

    The ITC: The Powerful Yet Underused Weapon In the War Against Infringement

    We all know the story: a trademark, copyright or patent is infringed; the infringer is sued; and if all goes well, the owner of the intellectual property is made whole. Most people would end the story there. What many people aren’t aware of is that the ITC, the International Trade Commission, is another weapon in […]

    Posted on October 2, 2014